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Charlie Geren is NOT living in HD99.

Beginning around 2005, Charlie Geren divorced his second wife and began seeing an Austin lobbyist named Mindy Ellmer, and in 2017 they married. At some point between 2005 and 2017, Charlie Geren moved to Austin, where he continues to reside with his wife. Property records indicate that he and his wife bought a condominium prior to their marriage. They have lived at The Austonian at least since 2014.

The condo is located in the heart of downtown Austin just a few minutes away from the Texas State Capitol on Congress Avenue. In an interview about their wedding, Charlie Geren admitted that "instead of living together, we’re married." There is no record of his wife, with whom he admits he lives, ever residing in District 99. Public records clearly show they both live in Austin.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, the Secretary of State's Election Division would have jurisdiction over this issue. We reached out to that division and was told the only way to litigate such a matter is to take him to court.

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